Hi, how are you? If you have searched for me it is probably because you are also a HSP (highly sensitive person), am I wrong? Whether you are or not, pleased to meet you:)

I'm Monica Llop, a creative soul who see the world throught the eyes of an art director, photographer and sensitive journalist.

After finishing my degree program in Journalism (University of Valencia, 2013), I studied an art photography course at TAMK (Tampere, 2013) and a year-long photography course in Blank Paper academy (Valencia, 2014). Soon thereafter, I completed my studies with a Master in Art Direction at ELISAVA (Barcelona, 2016), among many other courses.

Since 2010, I have been working with film and media companies, creative studios and communication departments. Some of these corporations are La Sexta, Sony Music Spain, ELISAVA, À Punt Media or Ediciones B, among others.

I work on different disciplines such as writing, audiovisual communication, design and fashion for social transformation <3

If you want to use innovation and creativity to improve this world, I have several ideas. Reach me: hola@monicallop.com